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Red Onion

We are highly engaged in delivering Red Onion which has double the antioxidant content of any other type of onion, making them an important element of an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle. This has been linked to improved red blood cell membrane function and oxygen consumption. This enhances both cardiovascular function and fat metabolism. Red Onion is available in some ranges like Fresh Red Onion, Natural Red Onion, Organic 'Red Onion, and Farm Fresh Red Onion. This is also high in chromium, which decreases blood sugar and improves cellular insulin sensitivity. Onion repels pests because this has thin skin and is highly sharp and aromatic.

Fresh Red Onion

Fresh Red Onion is used in daily cooking as a flavoring agent, curry base and adds to the body of any gravy or sauce. It is used in salads and it strong flavor smell makes any dish delicious. This is highly demanded in restaurants, food courts, and various commercial kitchen. It improves cell membrane function in red blood cells and  oxygen utilization. It is low in saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. It is known to lower the risk of heart disease. Offered Fresh Red Onion is100% fresh, pure, edible and is available at best price.

Natural Red Onion

Natural Red Onion is often used in salads and as a flavour and taste enhancer in a range of cuisine dishes. It is abundant in anti-oxidant elements, which aid in the development of a robust heart, bone density, and the prevention of dental decay. To enhance the flavor of all cuisines, this fragrant Natural Red Onion may be enjoyed raw, cooked in meals, or kept for pickles. This onion is used in a variety of cuisines to offer fragrant taste and a rich appearance. It is very economical to use. 

Organic Red Onion

Farm Fresh Red Onion

Farm Fresh Red Onion is most mainly consumed in salad and used as flavor & taste enhancer in various food preparations. It  is loaded with anti-oxidant nutrients which aids to make string heart, boost bone density, prevent form toothache. Enhance the taste of all cuisines, this aroma filled onion can be consumed raw as well as cooked in food and preserved for pickles.  We also assure to pack this Farm Fresh Red Onion by using quality-assured packaging materials to retain its freshness for long. 


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